The movie “Lion” deals with the questions and consequences about identity and belonging. Being stuck in a situation where you no longer have the feeling of belonging to a certain country, culture, family and so on. Everything is new and scary, but your only Choice is to deal with it, and do as the adults […]

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Slave auctions in Libya

This article on the International-English blog, shows us a picture of seven men, being treated as none important human beings. They’re sold off for 400 dollars, treated as unworthy and discriminated for their background and race. A human life is worth more than this, no matter race, skin color, ethnicity, physical appearance or economic situation. […]

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Speech about Equality

  I have chosen to talk about the topic, equality.   First, what is equality, and how does it apply to us today? The dictionary defines equality as “The quality or state of having the same rights or social status.”   This means that no matter which race, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, nation origin, […]

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Thoughts on the film Gran Torrino.

  How does culture influence one’s belief systems and how can getting .to know different cultures change your own belief system? Use the film and your own experiences in your answer. The film Gran Torrino was really touching and I really liked the change of believe Walt had. By getting to know different cultures, would […]

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Project report – International Day & ODW

The goal of Operation Day’s work and International Day is that Norwegian High School students learn about other student’s situation and experiences having difficulties getting their education. For us in Norway, the School system is pretty good, however, that’s not the case for everyone. Operation Day’s work shows us other views from other countries about their situations, and why maybe the […]

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The forgotten conflict…

A few weeks ago we had a visitor in our English class. Her name was Asria Mohamed. She come from Western Sahara, but was born and raised in a refugee camp in Algeria. She came to talk about the current situation were the Moroccan occupation and the conflict within, and also why the Un is a […]

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Girl Rising -review by Ingrid Skjong

  The film “Girl Rising” is a film capturing and spotlighting nine different stories, from nine quite different girls. They all have this in common; they all come from the developing part of the world and they all try to achieve something out of their lives, instead of being forced into lives they don’t want.  These girls experience discrimination, hate, slavery and injustice. […]

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